Investment Accounts

Investment Bank Accounts

In the luxurious world of investments, quite often we hear advises what securities to invest in, but not as often we get advises concerning the types of accounts we should open to start investing. There is a lot of different types of investment accounts, each covering a specific purpose, and new types of accounts are being created to satisfy investors’ demands. What are some of the main types of investment accounts and what purposes they serve to? In the following posts I’m going to review some of the investment accounts that are available currently.

While safety of deposits remains a key element in all types of bank accounts, more and more banks are offering interest rates that match and even exceed those of money market funds promoted by brokerage houses. These high-yield, investment-type accounts have become increasingly available to the average person as the deposit requirements have been lowered during recent years. The primary types are :

  • Certificates of Deposit (also called time deposits)
  • Money Market Savings Accounts
  • Money Market Checking Accounts, sometimes referred to as “Super-NOW” accounts.