Credit Bill Of Rights

Your Credit Bill Of Rights

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other acts, you have the right to:
1. Obtain from a credit bureau a report of what’s in your credit file.

2. Know who has inquired into your credit file-stores, banks, employers, etc.

3. Request reverification by the credit bureau if information is incorrect.

4. Get missing data added to your file.

5. Have detrimental credit information removed from your file after seven years and bankruptcy information after ten years.

6. Put your side of the story in your credit file.

7. Privacy of the information in your file from anyone other than legitimate members of the credit-reporting agency.

8. Have your credit report transferred from one area to another any time you move.

9. Use small claims court to resolve any disputes with the credit bureau about incorrect, inaccurate information in your file.

10. Know exactly why you were refused credit. You must contact the institution refusing credit within ten days.

11. Remain silent about poor credit information that does not currently appear in your file.

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